OSTFRONT Warlord Source book for Bolt Action.

Warlords latest source book for Bolt Action is OSTFRONT Barbarossa to Berlin.


This book contains all the parts needed to replay conflicts from either Khalkyn Gol or the Winter War conflicts, which did much to shape military and political thinking prior to the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War in 1941.

Littered with much historical background as well as everything needed to play out key battles on a tabletop. As well as stunning art work inspired by the era, and of course lots of Bolt Action dioramas.

There are 12 new scenarios in OSTFRONT which can be used straight up as they are, or adapted for other theatres, as well as new rules to make everything run smoothly, but you will still need a copy of the main Bolt Action Rulebook, as this is just a supplement.

Also included in the book are rules and stats for new units, such as IS-3 heavy tank.


The scenarios are clearly laid out and easy to read and follow and as you can see have some examples of different units in different colour schemes.

Due to the theatre focused on, this book concentrates on the Japanese, German and Russian forces, so while a player of other nations may be feeling left out in the cold, there is nothing to stop them using the scenarios in a different theatre.


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