Soviet Naval Brigade

Next to be opened from Warlord Games, is the new Soviet Naval Brigade Squad, this ten man squad represents those sailors from the Soviet Baltic Fleet who served as riflemen.


On the box we have the Bolt Action ‘standard’ design and artwork, and something I didn’t realise until I was opening this set, a small history lesson on the front and back of the box.


Inside the box are ten white metal 28mm models, looking for mould lines revealed very few, mainly on some off the caps, and dissapointingly 10 wooden bases, this isn’t a large problem as a quick search on ebay will bring up lots of results for 25mm bases many of which are scenic and themed.

The worst example of flashing and mould lines.

This is a picture of the worst model I found for flashing, and as you can see there really isn’t a great deal, but it will need cleaning off and a few had flashing between the legs of the miniature, all in it took about 10 minutes to clean the entire boxset up and get them ready to go.

The detailing on the model is good on a close up inspection, some of the facial expressions don’t really inspire the fear that the unit was ment to engender in the enemy, but all the key components are there, eyes mouth etc.

The uniform details are clear and crisp and they give off a nice rambling feel with bandoliers and extra bags.


Once painted up and based I think these will look great on the table. Hopefully they will live up to the original Naval Brigades nickname of ‘The Black Death’


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