Sector Commander: Operation Coming soon

Sector Commander: WW2 is going live on kickstarter tomorrow, having seen what its all about this is one of the games I think will be a big hit. I get to ask Patrick from Grenzer Games a few questions.

What Scale will Sector Commander be?

Unit counters from Platoon to Company level.SC WWII b

How much will SC:WW2 cost (-/+ £10)

RRP will be £49 / KS price £35 + shipping

As its due Soon on Kickstarter, when are you expecting it to be released?

The Kickstarter ends at the start of April so we’re quoting August as a due date to give us enough leeway to get things produced properly. We will go sooner if we can but I’d rather overestimate and be early than end up with people waiting too long.

Number of players supported

2+. You can easily combine sets to create large scale games with multiple commanders on each side. It also lends itself well to tournament play which is something we’d like to push if we are successful on KS.

How many pieces are required for an average game?

100 points is are mid level game with an average Infantry Company coming in at 4pts and a full size Division around 250pts you can field a nice size force for 100pts. Its a easily adapted system so you can limit the forces puts and the Combat Deck for shorter games or go large for massive scale ones.

How long does an average game take to play?

Once you know the game system you can play through a game in a couple of hours. As above this can be decided ahead of time as to the time you want to play for and the size of game etc.

How long has the game been in development for?

Two and half years

What was the inspiration for the game?

We wanted to write an in-depth but fast WW2 era board game that played at a Divisional level, that was affordable and combined numerous gaming conventions in one system. We are both primarily figure war gamers and the cost and time involved although rewarding can be probative at times. The thought of being able to collect whole new Nations and forces for a fraction of the cost of doing it in 3D was very appealing! We also wanted to get a fee for the larger strategy of Divisional combat. Everything seems to be about platoon skirmishes and we wanted something new as a change of pace and approach and the large scale really offers that.

I will just note here that a spelling error and auto correct have never come in handy as much as it did for the next question, as it was suppossed to ask what the backstory was. Turns out my phone asks better questions than I do.

What’s the backstop of the game?

At the core of the game is probably the Combat Cards. These are what can be tinkered with the most and every persons deck can be totally unique to them and impossible to predict what someone might take.

We predict players will crete many different deck composition to best suit each force they own, and it will take a fair few games to really get a sense of how any given deck will operate in the field. This means lots of replay value and variety which is key to us as we want to keep players engaged beyond the single experience.
No two games are ever the same in Sector Commander and we’ve done our best to create a diverse and continually rewarding game.

What was the hardest part of the game to develop

One thing that has been tricky is gathering all the Or. Batts of historical units to make sure we get accurate content. The notion of getting all the historical Divisions gathered and drawn up, named and making the stat lines appropriate for each troop is very daunting! In terms of rules mechanics we had a few major changes; we initially had Hit tokens under each unit that were removed when they took damage. This was a useful system as it was fluid and very visual. It was quite fiddly moving units around though and had issues with knocking stacks overland so on so I was pleased when we were able to do away with that and introduce a damage table and counter idea to show damage and other counters for Suppression state. This really cleaned there game up and made it look much better to play.

What was the most fun part of developing the game

Its great fun concocting the numerous Combat Cards that the different nations can use. As each Nation has its own unique cards its more than just making a medium MG for all the different Nations to use its the more interesting ‘flavour’ cards that are fun to make. ‘Vive La France!’ for instance is used to move your opponents units the wrong way, representing the French resistance and their heroic work in the face of the enemy. Character based cards like Wittman, Rommel, Stalin etc. are all interesting as well. Introducing a wider polecat and tactical picture into the game is great fun!

How do you feel about any reactions you have received so far?

We’ve had nothing but prose from all that have test played the game. They all see the potential for intricate deck building and the ability to collect large forces cheaply is also a large appeal. We are also pleased that people can see how Sector Commander could be easily used as a companion game to the likes of Bolt Action as a campaign stage, playing the larger scale games then scaling into a 28mm skirmish for some of the key points from the SC game.

Where do you see the game going in 5 years? How will you keep the game fresh and exciting?

SC WWII RBThere is a vast amount of product lines waiting in the wings. Not just all the Divisions from all the nations through all the different time periods but also the idea of purpose built campaign packs that allow you to replay famous battles of the war; D-Day, Arnhem, Kursk, Monte Casino and so on. These are just some of the lines we have in mind to keep things moving and players interested. There will also be a host of generic content to supplement the game; Western Front, Eastern Front, North Africa, Pacific based map packs and Combat cards. Nation specific Combat Dice with relevant insignia on them for the completists. Card sleeves with Divisional insignia. Bringing out new and exciting cards for the different nations will be on going. New types of cards like Tactics, Weather, Politics will develop the card v. card dynamic of the game as well. With all the host of content we have planned for WW2 we are also looking at breaking into different time periods. We have already done some development of an American Civil War version, and we’d love to bring out Napoleonic, Medieval and even Modern Day versions if possible. The format lends itself to all of these with a few tweaks so it would be a new game but still familiar to Sector Commander veterans. Its a great game with lots of potential so we are really hoping that the Kickstarter allows us to make all of this a reality.

Thanks to the guys at for taking the time out to chat with me.

The kickstarter for Sector Commander WW!! launches very soon


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