A weekend of Dreadball Xtreme

So this weekend I embarked on a rather large undertaking for me, as well as possible the most gaming I have done in a forty eight hour period since last year’s fund raiser.


Two days of solid demos for Mantics new release dreadball extreme. Saturday saw me invade Athena Games in norwich to show off this brilliant new game and saw my win ratio plummet even further by the end off the day I was officially 0-5 playing dreadball xtreme.


Sunday saw me packing the car and heading down to Gorleston at Boundless Realms, where I managed to pull back a little bit and saw me rise to the heady heights off 1-5. Needless to say after my heroic victory I bowed out off playing for the rest off the day.


An early game shot with a slightly modified set up to force players into moving around the scenery and into exploding barrels.


And here is a late game shot with casualties both sides and almost no barrels left. This shot was taken at the start of extra time. Which led to even more casualties.


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