Wasteman hits it’s first target.

Posted by J L Fairclough on Kickstarter for Wasteman

100 Backers – Huzzah! Now we get to find out what my less than mysterious stretch goal was:


Accessories – Great extras to make your gaming experience just that little bit better!

Now every pledge of Brawl and above will receive one free set of activation tokens, featuring the Wasteman logo! You can add extra sets for just £3!

Also available we have a deck of 52 blank stat cards, featuring various illustrations – The perfect way to keep track of your unique Posses! Add a deck to your pledge for just £6! 


And this set of Kickstarter exclusive caps featuring none other than the fabulous Robotronic 5000! Add a set to your pledge for just £3!


Oh look a new stretch goal – half way! What could it possibly mean?! Who knows…

Knowing Jason I am sure there are many more hidden goodies to unlock and probably some special backer items.

He is 100% behind his creation and has far reaching plans as to where the game is going.


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