Holy Heist Spoiler

Having just seen this over on The Spoils new home page I thought I just had to share it. I wont be mean and just copy and paste the article that Niklas Milsson wrote but I will say it opens up some great ideas.


First off though the new card as you can see above is a Tactic- Mutation that means that it has a permenant affect and is not just a on hit wonder. with a changeable effect that you can choose at the start of each of your turns, so whilst being similar to an Item card it’s playable at any time and adds an option of ‘Ramping-Up’ your face down resources.

It is fully explained in the article but the short version is you sacrifice a charactor that goes to face down instead of the discard pile, before removing the card you play a few off these on the charactor. As items/mutations depart the game in the same manner as the charactor they are attached to all the cards you attach become face down resources as well, and costing only one resource, you could if lucky get all four out of your hand as a violation resource for the saem resource cost as a single violation resource, very sneaky, and another reason I am relooking at a Rogue/Gearsmith Deck in the run up to holy hiests premiere.


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