Halo slip

Well looks like I have just fallen in love with Spartan Games again, I have just seen my first Halo model from there next release.


No looking closely at it, it’s very hard to mistake it for anything else, now I am going to speculate here a little bit but, judging by the hand that’s holding it and the EotRS model in the background, I am gonna say that’s got to be knocking on the door of two inches tall and 7 to 8 inches long, that’s a nice chunk off resin by any ones description. Now I want to say it’s a one piece mold but I would imagine the weapons on the front are a drop in. Possibly separate engines?

These are the sort of models that spartan excel at, massive ideas scaled down to big resin models. The crisp armour lines on the dorsal hull, the intimate bridge markings, not to mention the massive amounts of batteries on each side. I am still going to stick with my original statement earlier this year. That is that halo will run with a tweaked FSA 2.0 rule set.

Expect much more news around Salute 2015

Photos are from Meeples

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