Deadzone: Infestation

Last Friday Mantic Games launched the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter.


Having created so much through the original Kickstarter, this new Kickstarter focuses on adding the new Veer-myn Faction to the game, as well as additions to the existing races like the Enforcer Pathfinders, and hopefully many more.

These new miniatures are made out of hard plastic and are on sprues, like GW figures. There is no resin plastic (the material all of the factions starters are in) in this Kickstarter.



Your generosity and support on the original Deadzone Kickstarter spawned the great Battlezones range of modular sci-fi terrain tiles. With Infestation, that range is being expanded and you can now further add to your collection with the Industrial theme, including brand new accessories and connectors such as fuel tanks and the pipe network, which are currently funding.

The Rulebook

The new Deadzone Hardback Core Rulebook is the ultimate guide to playing Deadzone. It features an in-depth background section, Core and Advanced Rules, a new campaign section and army lists as well as all of the essential core rules, abilities and equipment from the previous Deadzone expansions.

Our aim with it is simple: to create a compelling campaign system, balance the factions and missions, make it easier to learn and navigate, and clarify and tidy up any rules that require it.

We’ve put all of this into a glorious hardback form, making it a genuine collector’s piece and a hardcore hobby product that fans can be proud of owning. Backers of the original Deadzone Kickstarter will get a digital copy of the updated rules for free, and the new book will be fully compatible with the existing miniatures.Blaine_Speeder_edit

If this has caught your eye and you would like to get involved, there are a couple of different ways of doing so.

There’s a $1 pledge if you just want the new miniatures or any of the add-ons. The scenery will be available individually in this week’s Add-on Wednesday.

There’s a $35 Outbreak pledge which is a great entry point if you just want the new Hardback Rulebook, and comes with some cool extras too.

And finally, there’s the $115 Quarantine pledge. Packed full of great value, this is both an excellent bundle for getting the new rules, scenery and miniatures as well as a great starting point for people who have not played Deadzone before.$115 Pledge Level

It also includes two miniatures in Kickstarter Exclusive Resin: “The Piper” Veer-myn special character, and Blaine – on a Jetbike!

There is also a scenery-only pledge level being released on Wednesday 25th March, and later a dedicated pledge level for our retailers. There will also be the first Add-on Wednesday which will offer up some great new treats!

This is a relatively short campaign lasting just 17 days. If you would like to get involved and join us on another Kickstarter journey you can do so here on the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter. Thanks for your time and support!

The Deadzone: Infestation closes 11:59pm GMT Monday 6th April.


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