Forces of Tabletop Games UK gets an expansion

As I have been sat watching my collection of largely unpainted miniatures grow I have started to catalogue them here. Hopefully over the coming months I can start to get more stuff built and more miniatures painted, well actually finish painting some will be a great start!

I am sure that I am not alone in buying buying buying and then actually taking the time to look at what has been built what has been undercoated and what has been painted, and then go and buy some more. I have contracted out some off my painting to Maverick Miniature Studios hopefully in a bid to try and catch up with my painting, mainly as I still have a box set that was sent to me to review still waiting construction. Although the guys who sent it are very good and do know that the last few weeks have been a bit frantic for me, and it was mainly as I didn’t know the rules of the game, so I could actually paint it and then know what I was talking about when I spoke about the miniatures and other bits I was writing.

ResistanceMany of you may have seen the Resistance set that Tower Hill Studio painted up for me, its absolutely fantastic and in a few weeks shall be making its way to Diceni with me to demo Dropzone Commander. But before I get there I have two more faction starter sets to paint and a table to build, with Salute in between and a large painting project to finish in time for that its going to be a tight squeeze for the next month, so instead off getting on with it I have been fantasizing over my nice Abysal Army that is coming and working on BattleScribe files. Needless to say I have a morning of painting this week as well as a few evenings planned in so shouldn’t be to great a hardship.

So for now happy painting and gaming!

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