Holy Heist is getting closer!

The 10th of April is coming and Holy Heist is getting closer. Today I am going to spoil another card for you. That’s right the guys at Arcane Tinmen have sent me another card.


Leaping Sarume, looks like a scale-less dragon who could do with a good meal. With a three rage threshold and a cost of four it’s quite reasonably priced with strength of 3, two life and three speed it is definitely a middle of the road creature.
Coming with tactical ability you can drop it just before an attack come in, although not during, to weaken everything yourself included, might be handy to soften up a few tougher targets before hitting them with removal tactics, one you hit six rage though that’s where this card will really help out. As if you drop it just before you attack it causes one damage to only your opponents creatures, just before you roll over them with your attack and I thought that level of sneakiness was exclusive to the Rogue faction!

With cards like this cropping up the 10th of April’s really needs to hurry up, and you need to hurry up and get down your local FLGS and try this game out if you haven’t already. If your flgs doesn’t stock spoils head over to The Spoils website and tell them they will pay your FLGS a visit with either an Ambassador or a Big Bad Barduse

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