Kickstarter Round Up

At the moment, as almost every other moment there are loads of games available on Kickstarter. Why should you get involved with them, some of the games are really good and you only need look at Mantic Games 

First up is Deadzone: Infestation from the previously mentioned Mantic Games. The second instalment of the hugely successful Deadzone game.Deadzone is the science fiction miniatures game where two Strike Teams do battle in a war-torn urban battlezone


In Deadzone, you will build your force from deadly soldiers and powerful heroes. Across one-off games or a linked campaign, your squad will grow in number and experience, earning special abilities and new equipment.

Deadzone is played on an interactive 3D gaming board built using the innovative hard plastic Battlezones Terrain Tiles. These tiles are fully modular, simply use the connectors and click the pieces together. No glue required (although I would strongly recomed it.

Next up is a new game Wasteman. a new IP and one which had one of the best films I have seen for a while.  Wasteman is a game of desperate conflicts in a desolate future! A frantic game, set amongst the ruins of a neglected and scorched earth. Engage in desperate battles between post-humans, hideous monstrosities and killer robots over the dregs of an age of gluttony. Take control of you own syndicate and test your mettle against the weird and terrifying denizens of the wastes!


Wasteman miniatures are sculpted by hand to approximately 35mm scale and will be cast in metal, unless specified to the contrary. All figures will come with stat cards and token slot bases (which both look cool and also double to keep tokens cleaned up and secure). This kickstart ends very soon so if you want in you are going to have to be quick about it before you miss out.

Two really good kickstarters there but I was always told good thing come in threes so as the last two kickstarters end soon I will look at one that has only just started ten percent funded after only a few days Sector Commander is a little bit different than Wasteman and Deadzone, instead of miniatures the entire game is played using counters to represent the forces. It combines elements of card games, board games and war games all in one package that is quick to learn and challenging to master. Using decks of unique Combat Cards to supplement your actions and randomly chosen objective points no two games are alike, with hundreds of variations of board layout, deck composition, objectives and forces, and no painting to do, which for me is a big plus as I am a little bit behind.

scwIISector Commander is a Divison sized military boardgame using gorgeous, Company and Platoon strength, unit counters and specialised Combat Dice and Combat Cards to drive the gameplay. By using simple counters for the units the cost is extremely low compared to the model equivalent, which allows you to collect vast forces from all the different protagonists of WW2. There is also no assembly or painting required so your force is ready to go straight out of the box. Now we love painting miniatures as much as the next person but it is time consuming and costly to get a well painted army together along with all the scenery to fight over. Sector Commander gives you the immersive feel of those table top war games without the hassle and cost. It is also a great companion game to many of the leading WW2 tabletop games on the market. As it sits in a more strategic level than your average WW2 skirmish game it isn’t an either or choice, one can lead into the other for integrated campaigns.

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