The Apocolypse is definitely coming!

Wasteman the post nuclear apocolypse game, now featuring a cat-lady, is now fully funded! If you missed it then unfortunately you have missed out on getting a great value set of miniatures.

Although at one point it really didnt look like it was going to get funded, thankfully, a last day surge of backers came in and not only hit the target needed for this awesome project to be funded, but left that target far behind!

The creator of this awesome game J Fairclough is obviously really excited to see his first project fully funded and hopefully as you read this is now hastily off to start getting sorted for the next gruelling stage of the kickstarter, in all reality if I was him I would probably be cracking open the bubbly to celebrate.


Hopefully this wont be the last time that we see a Wasteman kickstarter as whilst speaking to him throughout the course of the Kickstarter he hinted numerous times that there is enough ideas floating around to keep Wasteman showered in new products and expansions for the next four years at least.

The official stats stand at 249 backers to help bring this modest project to life, well as near to life as some of the charactors can be.


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