Forge Fathers Enter the fray for Exham IV

With Mantics Deadzone Infestation reaching its final day on Kickstarter the latest stretch goals have been released, and it is the mighty Forge Fathers.

FF DZ IThe Forge Fathers are clinical and precise and with a life span that can cover centuries their long term plans escape the scope of other races thinking. So with just another $15,000 of funding to make these Steel Warriors will be added into the $115 pledge a nice bonus for anyone already collecting Forge Fathers or those that are looking forwards to creating a Warpath force. Even better is that these models will be on special offer if they are funded as well. Giving you the chance to get three sets for just $20.

FF DZ I 2At the same time as releasing the information for this stretch goal as an incentive Mantic have also released sneak peak renders of the next stretch goal. Which will be to make the Steel Warrior kit upgradable to a Stormrage Veterans kit which will have a lot more options and special weapons available.

There is still time to pledge your support for Deadzone Infestation

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