The Icarus Project is almost here

Icarus Miniatures are proud to reveal the final renders for the first miniature of our upcoming sci-fi skirmish wargame, The Icarus Project. The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to start around September. Not Yesterday as this article originally suggested. Apologies, everything else is accurate though.



This is the sculpt for the Bounty Hunter, Gabriel Cross; one of the special characters in the game.
The original artwork was done by Daniel Comerci, who has worked on other tabletop projects such as the upcoming Nova Aetas.
The model was sculpted by Prodos Games, who are responsible for the Warzone Resurrection, and Alien Versus Predator games. We chose to work with Prodos because of the outstanding quality they had achieved on those projects. We also wanted to work with a UK based company so that there would be as few delivery issues as possible; no waiting on containers from China!
Gabriel Cross will go on general sale towards the end of May, and will be available exclusively from to begin with.

We will be heading to kickstarter to crowd fund the production costs for the first few starter sets later this year, hopefully in September.

To keep up with all the latest, you can visit icarus miniatures, or find us on facebook

There is an alternative head for this sculpt as can be seen in the following images.



But if you look at the detail, there is nothing missing and loads added.


This is probably my favourite shot off the model, admittedly I think it should be leaning into the shot a bit more, but just look at the detail on the pistol holster, three extra mags sculpted onto the model. The armour whilst a little bulky looks like it could be worn by the average person, whilst still looking quite mean and practical.

Stay tuned for more news soon.


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