Armoured Syndicate

Launching in just a few days time at Salute 2015, Megaton Games Ltd will be officially launching Armoured Syndicate, a new sci-fi miniatures range and tabletop game.

Set in the not-so-distant future Armoured Syndicate is a game centred around autonomous and in some case, sentient robots, waging a guerilla war on behalf of massive corporations in the global warming ravaged deserts along the Mexican/US border.


The game is certainly not short on promises, as the backstory will be told through pieces of commissioned artwork, a comic series, full-sized props and a live action video that begins in Nevada. Project creator and owner of Megaton Games, Ben Jarvis has said ‘We are not doing this by halves…..we are REALLY going to town on this project and raise the bar in terms of what people can expect from a tabletop gaming brand’.


On Saturday at Salute there will be a limited number of both ‘Maria and Chico’ and ‘Jose’ available in resin, with more figures coming over the next few months, with even more being tabled for the end of 2015.

These miniatures will be in the 32mm range so a bit larger than the ‘normal’ which hopefully means a lot more detail on each figure, but if the average human is going to be approximately 32mm tall how big are some of these mechs going to be, hopefully I can get an answer this weekend, as the first sample of ‘El Torro’ will be at the show.



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