Armoured Syndicate at Salute

Armoured Syndicate from Megaton games launched at Salute 2015. The primarily mech based game, with some human support, is 32mm scale, the models look awesome, two were available at Salute along with the very first Mech El Torro, not only was it the first mech that will be released it was the dirst model made of the Mech, and it looked great.



Each mech will come with different arms and parts to personalise the mech as well as transfers to make something really unique each time.

At the moment Megaton Games plan is to release ten to twelve figures between now and January next year when it will run a kickstarter campaign to produce the boxed game set, during this kickstarter to go with the new game will be another set of miniatures, with the hope being that by the time the kickstarter has completed there will be another 20 models funded to take the collection up to around thirty miniatures.


Nothing solid is set for rules yet but its hoped that by Summer this year a closed Alpha/Beta will be in progress.


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