Salute 2015 in brief

Well after a reasonably long day yesterday in which I seemed to get a lot done but not get anywhere, the dust on Salute is starting to settle.


Over the next few days I will go into a bit more details as to what happened, needless to say I didn’t manage to get any large scale massive spoilers, but I did get a few heads ups of a few things to come.

The highlights for me had to be, seeing Halo in the flesh, looks absolutely stunning, and the Infestation board was brilliant, but a bit more on that in a later article.


This is a stunning looking game and the rules mechanics although I though we’re a bit odd at first, seem to work.

Probably the best part of the day was getting to meet people who I have been speaking to over the last 6 months, some of the occasionally, some of them almost daily.


By the time that I had got to some of them, some of the staff were starting to look a bit glazed, and croaky sore throats were the order of the day from about two in the afternoon onwards.

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