Some personal thoughts from Salute

So it has been a few days since Salute and the adrenaline of running around and the awe at some of the displays has worn off a bit so I thought I should probably document how it went for me, hopefully next year I can use this as a lessons learned document.

wpid-dsc_0034.jpgTo say that I feel like my feet never hit the ground would be an understatement, I must have flown from one stand to the next, chatting to game designers owners and generally ‘getting around’ before I left I had made a list, it only contained about a dozen names, these were the stands I ‘had’ to visit, the guys who have helped me out provided sneak peaks and exclusive shots for me to publish as well as providing materials to review. Before that though I had to run to the Mantic stand to drop off a commission painting that had been done for them, I felt bad for being late until the terrain tutor turned up after me.

The stands I manage to get round were great, the guys on the Guildball stand were brilliant as was the Armoured Syndicate stand, both of whom will be at Diceni forward to seeing you guys again.

The Shattered Void had a lovely demo going as did many others including Spartan who had I think something like six demo tables.

Gripping beast had a large stand with lots of Saga on it. Hopefully will see more from them in future.

Sphere Wars had some nice Dioramas on display, again another game I will be looking into.

My main problem with Salute was time, I seemed to have so little time to get round, to speak to people, play a demo, not a chance my feet didn’t stop moving.

Next year though I have a cumming plan!

Stay tuned to find out and keep those dice rolling.

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