Diceni 2015 Three Days left to go

This year on the 3rd May Diceni will once again be invading The Forum in Norwich, Norfolk for its yearly show. Each year the show has grown, and this year promises to be no different infact I think the line up is looking rather more impressive as time gets closer.


But its not just tabletop games that are going to be on display or for sale or even just to come along and have a go, no this year there will be Cos-Play and LARP as well, Cos PLay should be fairly familiar as I am sure that you have all seen pictures of people walking about dressed as Space Marines or Jedis just about anything really, LARP which is a new one on me is Live Action Role Play where participants physically act out the game rather than doing it on a table.

This Sunday there are going to be quite a few traders at the show, Warlord Games, Cymbeline Games, Fenris Games, Bendy Boards and many other Traders will be there, as well as the sponsors Langleys and Athena Games both local shops who support the hobby.

But its not only about selling things, even if they are small shiney, there are also demo games available throughout the day, Guild Ball will be playable as will several Mantic Games (including a new home written game that has never before been seen), Across the Dead Earth will have thier demo stand fresh from Salute, hopefully the repairs I saw them making at Salute will hold, and West Winds Secrets of the Third Reich will be playable which is great as between you me and the rest of the gaming community that reads this the kickstarter for the second edition is due soon (within the next five weeks soon) so will be a good chanceto try before backing.


Of course I will be in attendance trying a few games and catching up with a few people. There really is no better community than the gaming community!


See you there.

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