Kickstarter Woes

Ok so tonight I have been looking at Lords of War and there current kickstarter for Lizardmen vs Elves.


Now this looks different enough to be worth a shout, it’s not MTG and it’s not the Spoils. Plus by the sounds of it there doesn’t look to be the massive meta-deck must have £20 cards (times four) card games that I am used to.


So I thought why not, what harm can it do and the low end buy in is crazy cheap, but hang on you can get both the first and second packs for an army as well, ok that looks good, already I am thinking I can use it to do some demos, any excuse for an afternoon of gaming with random people!


If I am doing demos or even just out for a day of gaming, yes it does happen occasionally, then an official bag would just rock! As would the box to carry all the shiney new cards in.


Oh yes I forgot the shiny cards. You can add them on as well.

Let’s just say I am having to cut back a little bit at the moment as I kind off went crazy. Me, shiney, crazy new card game……never! Well yes it’s true, I gave up counting when I hit one hundred pounds and went back to the start.

Now although the last bit sounds like an amazingly bitter gripe, it’s not really, there is some fantastic looking stuff in each pledge level, did I mention the shiny cards, and then there are some great add ons as well.

I will be backing this of that there is no doubt, it’s just the level I can comfortably afford it’s just the same with all kickstarters which, most of the time, offer a great buy in value, finding that small spot where the must haves and the would likes meet the width of your wallet, sometimes there are some very hard cuts to be made!

Here is a game that for very little outlay you can have totally playable game plus a few extras so why not give Lords of War a look on Kickstarter. It’s also got free postageand packaging!

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