Wage war like a lord

Black Box games invites you to wage war like a Lord. Lords of War is a unique card game for two or more players where fantasy races face off in a dynamic, tactical battle across the tabletop.

Each set contains two decks which are playable straight out of the box on the battlemat which is also included in the box, along with comprehensive rules to round out the pack.

So what is Lords of War? At its simplest it’s a card game in a fantasy setting that allows you to fight large battles, possibly along the lines of the old Warhammer Fantasy, but easier to store and much cheaper.

No die to roll, no special rules to begin with, at its simplest form, and it’s an insult to the game to say it, but it’s basically my attack against your defence, who ever has the higher number wins. If I beat you your card gets removed if you beat me it’s a stale mate. At the same time your attack is compared to my defense using the same method. First player to have twenty cards removed, or four command cards, loses.

This all sounds incredibly simplistic and to be fair it is, with only three phases to each players turn and no resource management component, you should be able to learn the rules very quickly, the mastering of the game is old come from the cards themselves, different cards attack in different directions with different attack values and some allow the choosing of a card if it’s in a specified area, think archers and you half way there. Most cards do not extend attacks in every direction so would be vulnerable from an attack from say the flank as the wouldn’t be able to strike back.

This is where the game goes from the shallow end of the card game pool and strides out to the deeper waters, granted it seems much more tactically limited than say The Spoils or MTG, but that’s not what this game is about, Lords of War is almost like pocket version of a fantasy tabletop game, even down to deck selection and creation of course there are a few rules that need to be followed.

Currently fully funded for Elves ve Lizards 2 which adds magic and  some more characters, so now would be a good job to support the kickstarter campaign for two reasons, first you can get a great bargain with all previous sets available, as well as some great kickstarter exclusive sets and foils.

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