Lords of War First battle.

So I have just finished my first game of Lords of War, against a fellow demoer of games. Apologies must be made as it was very impromptu. I literally went round to drop some bits off and he just said ‘fancy a quick game’.

Now even though I know most of the rules and how to play nothing beats a run through by someone who knows what they are doing.


First off I got beat 16 to 7, so not terrible for a first outing really and as it was my first game totally expected.

Both losing a command card was a tactical trade off that I made but one that left me in a stronger position, some times you have to loose a bit to gain.

As for game play it’s very quick, very gritty and at times very dirty! The ability of picking up cavalry cards even if they are engaged is just a God send and one I didn’t realise I was using till it was pointed out to me, to my opponents dismay I had more cavalry cards in my hand that he didn’t know about until I dropped a different one.

If you have never played much in the way off card games or want something a bit less ‘buy to win’ than Magic the Gathering, then I can’t recommend this game enough, it has all the elements epic battles, and wiping that smug grin off your opponents face, tactical maneuvering and more.

Another plus points is a tournament can be played in just a few hours not an entire day.


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