Board Game Geek

No I am not talking about myself, I have just signed my self up to the website Board Game Geek which is to all intents a cataloging and ranking website for board games.

A quick registration and you are ready to start setting up your profile which includes all the standard kind off things that you would expect, with options for web addresses game system handles etc, the boring day-to-day stuff that is involved in setting up a profile.


Then comes the fun part searching through and adding to you collection. This is relatively easy jsut type and search, find your game click on it then scroll right down to the bottom and hit the selection that says add to my collection.

There is an easier way if you go through to your collection at the very top is a button that is labelled add game, click this search select and it will auto add it to your collection.


So far it doesnt really seem like its worth the effort, you build your collection up (there are a lot more options to add to your games such as want to trade) but then you can rate your games leave reviews add expansions, all of which starts to add value to taking the time to complete everything.


The two big selling pooints for me are the ‘add play’ option which allows you to build up a history of your gaming and a want to play option which will add you to a database that people can search based on your post code to arrange games.


These two options although I havent really used them yet look to be the most usefull parts of the site and the ones I am most likely to use.


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