Gaming Clubs and a surprise!

As of last week I officially became a member of my Local Gaming Club, that is Aftermath in Norwich. I have been there a few times and last year did ‘a lot’ of demoing at the twenty-four hour gaming event to raise money for Wargamers Against All Cancer, as well as multiple trips to drop and pick things up to be taken round the country by one of the guys there.


With me doing shift work it is sometimes hard at times to find an opponent to play a game against so hopefully this way I can start to plan in advance and actually get a friendly, or even competative game in for a change, instead of just demoing, which dont get me wrong I love doing and have set up a facebook page to keep that organized as well (what did we do before facebook) but sometimes I just want to actually have a game.


With that in mind I know have to select, name and finish painting a dreadball team as I am entered into the clubs Dreadball League, which contains quite a few of the top 5 from last years Nationals, and I have probably picked one of the weaker sides for competative play from what I have read.


Oh the title said a surprise as well, this year I am helping organise the Charity Event at Aftermath so stay tuned for more news on that how you can get involved and raise money for, well O am not sure what, but I am sure it ill be a good cause.


One more thing before I sign off for this morning is that in just over twenty four hours I am jetting off to a secret location to help write and playtest the rule set for a soon to be realeased game! Again more news if and when I am able.


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