Terminator Genisys: First play

Last night Terminator Genisys invaded Aftermath Gaming Club in Norwich. After an easy set up and a quick chat through the rules we set off for an epic confrontation of Man vs Machine.


Now needless to say my rolling was immaculate for the first five minutes, a long range shot took out a Terminator, unfortunately it was down hill from there, unable to score a hit with a missile launcher at short range, but I did Hasta La Vista, Baby a Terminator in close combat, but the machines just kept on coming and it wasn’t long before it was game over. 1-0 to the machines.

So seeing how awesome the machines were despite my opponents lousy dice rolls we switched I lead out 4 terminators while he lead out 6 or so resistance fighters.

Now what can only be described as my worst game of rolling dice ever in turn one activation one my Terminator was shot at and hit but no damage, which I thought would be fine, resolution for a Terminator is taken on a D20 6 or more sees nothing happen, 2-4 sees an extra activation marker added and a one sees the model removed from play!
Have you ever seen a Terminator turn tail and run like a little child? If the answer is no you never saw my game last night! Up came the one and my force is down by a quarter.

Next activation saw a missile launcher make my second Terminator about 4 foot shorter, as it became a crawler. So needless to say my hopes for this game were dwindling fast.

But terminators are tough to kill and I managed to start forcing damage onto the resistance until another one rolled on the resolution table! I think someone managed to upload a virus into the localised Skynet mainframe.

The resistances last human soldier managed a lucky shot on my last standing exo Skeleton. Which left one fighter and a crawler at which point I called the game as crawlers move so slow and have no ranged attack, the resistance can just run rings around me and shoot.

All things considered, the game isn’t really that hard to get playing and while many ‘seasoned’ gamers may comment that it lacks depth, while it may seem a little bit simplistic in places compared to other games it is refreshing that you don’t needn’t remember or look up multiple tables and weapon stats as the to hit and to damage is always the same (cc exempt). It is fun to play doesn’t take an age to set up or get going, and ‘modern’ miniatures could in theory be used for the resistance, so there is a lot going for the game, more miniatures are due for release to add to the range as well.


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