Kickstarters are just like Busses

Has anyone noticed that Kickstarters are just like busses, nothing happens for a month or so, then all off a sudden two or three come along that you are really interested in and another half a dozen that look really cool.


Currently on Kickstarter that are really interesting we have 1949 SoTR II, the updated version of Secrets of the Third Reich by West Wind a alternate version of World War II with mechs, zombies and wierd things like that.


There is also Tiny Battlemats which is mats to play on various design options available but I will look at that more later this week.


Infernal is still running, currently one of my favourites, low miniture count and not a stereo typical good guy in sight!An amazing design team and a very warped game, its great fun.


Waterloo – Quelle Affaire! from River Horse games the guys who recently released Terminator in theory the French should always win, just don’t do what they did at the real Waterloo.


Shattered Void also has some Marine Tactical Units which is fully funded and still has a week to go.


So a few games to get your teeth into I did find I very nice looking set of gaming mats on Kickstarter but mostly only shipped to the USA or if they shipped elsewhere you needed to get in touch and get a postage quote.


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