Infernal Kickstarter update

Wartorns game Infernal is still going strong  on kickstarter, currently at £10341 of £15k (68%)needed to be funded.

Charactor stat card

Charactor Stat cards are the start of you creating your team to go forth in the game of Infernal.

Character Card – all character cards contain all of the core information you will need to play the game.

Name – What this character is called.

Type – An idea of what they are good at or trained for. Rules – Lists the special rules that apply to the character.

Damage Track – This particular character has 10 boxes on the damage track meaning that the character can take 10 wounds before it is put out of action.

The damage track is colour coded and lets you tell at a glance the condition of your character.

Each colour shown on the Damage Track (other than grey) represents one Action, this card shows Red and Blue boxes, meaning the character has two Actions available each turn.

The number of coloured boxes (other than grey) is also important as this tells you how many inches movement is available per Action, this character has two Red and three Blue boxes, a total of five inches movement available per Action.

As a character takes wounds the boxes on the Damage Track are crossed off from right to left, they get slower and lose Actions before going out of action completely.

Limit – Some Characters are limited by number in a standard game.

Dread – Measures how well you cope with the horror of Infernal London, higher is better.

The next section is governs all of your active and passive attributes. This is divided into CQB, Ranged and Magic and consists of 2 numbers.

The First Number is your Target Number for actions, so this character scores a success in CQB on a 7+, Ranged tests on a 7+ and Magic on an 8+.

The Second Number, is your Resistance Number, and this is the number of dice you reduce your opponents attack by when they target this character.

Loudout Symbols – This determines which Loadout cards that the character is allowed to choose from. Points – The number of points it costs to field this character in your fireteam.

This game looks really good and could be a hit it just needs that last bit off a push to get it there. All the stretch goals have been fully planned in and just waiting to be unlocked.

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