A new Dark Angel Codex

A new Dark Angel Codex launches next Saturday and the constantly unloved brothers of the 1st legion look to have got some, if not a lot, off love from Games Workshop.


When I first heard of formations I cringed like mad as I thought it would mean a massive amount of spend to even attampt to keep my force on something like an even ground, after all why else release a new codex, to balance the game?

So the battle force from teh White Dwarf shows a Battle Demi-Company, surprisingly I only need two units from here, maybe one if I scrounge through bits and pieces to cobble a squad together as I already have 2 tactical Squads a Devestator Squad and Command options as well as a Veteran Squad. All I seem to be short off is a Tactical Squad and an Assualt Squad. So thats the core taken care off nicely, I can sort out the Inner Circle command.

A ravenwing Attack Squadron, I can do, the Ravenwing support is lacking for me and I have nothing to go into the Ravenwing Silence Squadron.

Being able to add a tank section is kind of cool and means that balancing isnt going to be such a big issue I hope as its more selection than actual points cost by the look of things so far.


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