Taking Stock

So today saw the release of the new Codex Dark Angels, and it has sparked a little dormant flame inside me that burns for the 1st Legion, so having a look at items purchased already and realistically looking at what is coming and adding to what I have on the paint table already and well its not pretty really.

Taking stock of available funds and it looks like a lot of Kickstarters I was planning on backing I am going to have to give a miss, and a few I am backing already are in dangerous grounds due to a vets bill, but never mind I will soldier on, I have enough project work to keep a small Chinese factory going for quite some time, I think it will just mean that for the month of July I don’t spend on hobby other than paints and bits like that, although pretty sure I am going to need a few squads of Dark Angels to field a legal Army.

So off we go for a month of solid completing tasks, as so very little is actually complete. Purchasing will be throttled back drastically. So probably not to many ‘new’ reviews coming up but plenty of I am sick off painting posts should be appearing soon.

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