A night of Guild Ball

So as Guild Ball started to build a bit of steam in my local area I headed off to my local club to have a game, needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed it more than I thought I would, my partially painted Union team beat an undercoated Alchemist Guild 6VP to 4VP I opened the scoring with Blackheart taking out Mercury but not before he had offloaded the ball to Midas who went on after to score, which after just a few turns put the score at 4VP to 2VP

From the kickoff a quick run from Snakeskin saw the ball retrieved for the Union and she  snapped off a cracking shot whc pusherd the score to 6VP to 4VP which as we were playing a demonstration match gave me my first win.


Whilst not complaining about the win I have determined that I will be buying snakeskin as she is not to bad in a punch up, and can get good boot on ball as well. Blackheart is just a monster on the charge and with a 2 inch melee zone can stay out off the AoE nastiness that the Alchemists bring, Averice spent most of the match on fire.

Averice and Greed still undecided, ok its handy having the extra man, but its spreads the influence a bit thinner, great for ganging up on the charge though when seperate!


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