47 Commandos Introduction battle.

Tonight saw my first game of Bolt Action by Warlord Games using the new rules for No. 47 Commando.


Now this was more of a Demo, friendly game than anything else but saw my 20 Commandos face off against 50ish Russians.

The first turn got off to a pretty Blasé start with the Commandos just repositioning and preparing to weather the approaching storm.


The star off turn one would have to be my forward observer who dropped in a good strike which added more pins to a squad that had already been pinned by my HQ selection, and absolutely, utterly and totally obliterated the enemy medic, out off 12 hits only two failing to wound, which may explain the terrible performance of the squad next to him as they were so unhinged very few would remember how to fire their weapons let alone aim for the rest off the game.


The only real threat off the game was this Russian squad advancing around my left flank luckily a plucky squad of Commandos stood thier ground and after four turns had whittled the squad down to nothing.

Corporal Tom Smith was promised a battlefield promotion if he could root a pesky squad off Russians out off some rubble so he moved his squad through some ruins and then charged.

Battling over a wall his squad managed to wipe out the Russians whilst taking only two casualties. Not content with this the Cpl pushed on and came face to face with the Russian commander, two more of the Cpl squad died to the rapid fire of the enemy HQ squad, Cpl Smith bravely charge the enemy commander and his remaining aide killing the aide but unfortunately died regardless.


With one squad off Russians heavily pinned and it’s commander at a loss the squad was killed by the sustained and relentless fire from the Commandos 2nd Luitenant and his squad whilst the Commando sniper took out the Russian LMG team.


The final action of the battle was the plucky enemy commander falling beneath the bayonets of the Commando HQ



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