The Forty Seven: update one

Well its been a few weeks and the second part of my order has turned up and is well on the way, last night I painted the paras berets and smocks, just so they can be easily distinguished from the rest of the Forty Seven.

As my list starts to devour a bit more and with Warlords Summer Campaign starting soon I have a hard choice to make. Either max out the squads or take smaller squads, not really sure at the moment which one would be better but as it stands at the moment I have enough made and Base coated for two reasonable sized squad each with an extra officer a nice hq, medical orderly FOO sniper and morter and .303 mmg team so I have some options, actually I have a lot off options, my tank can’t be used for the first few weeks so that’s gone on the back burner for the time being.

Tonight I might get everything out for a team so far platoon photo, but really need to get more paint laid down before that.

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