Lords of War Kickstarter

Well this morning the latest instalment of Lords of War landed on my mat, already annoyed that I didn’t put more in but oh well.

The latest expansion is Magic and Monsters for the Elves and Lizardmen decks.


So what does this add, well simply more and once you get over that it also adds new!


As you can see you have the box some cards loads of tokens and the expansion rules. To make the most off this you really need to be playing the intermediate or advance rules, they can be used in basic but they aren’t as much fun.


Lizard man poison (direct damage) and paralyse (really annoying) tokens these are used by casters of the Lizardmen and as well as racking up some damage to big creatures you can pin an enemy card to the board, which means your opponent cannot move the card nor can they return it to thier hand. So it will allow you to pick off cards at your own leisure. Bet people will get really windy about putting those command cards out now.


The Elves magic is a bit fluffier with Air Damage (same as poison) and bless, which being Elves you just know is going to buff archery units, allowing them to fire even when engaged, or if not engaged fire twice! Which is kind of scary!

As for the cards the flavour and feel hasn’t changed, you still have the same set up, although fancier border, and the same standard (pretty sweet) art work. Elves are still pointy and fragile while the Lizardmen are still tough.
Two cards of note though.


Ochrom the Wise a magic unit for the Elves reasonably tough for an elf but look at his target area, it’s phenomenal!


The Lizardmen have Ankylodon a beast by itself in that it can’t be hit by anything less than three damage, but then has 8 toughness and is a cavalry unit, that’s just madness. Add to that there is two in the box and you have a spinning cavalry unit off doom that will be hard to put down.

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