GW throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

It has come to light that Games Workshop may be pulling the plug on its support for the GCN.

In a leaked document it states that all stores should remove advertising for Gaming Clubs Network clubs. Just why they would want to do this is a mystery to me although some mutterings have found there way to my ears, such as GW trying to enforce things onto the GCN, which to be honest would lead to clubs having to up there fees for members to a level that could see some clubs go into decline and close.

Here is the excerpt that was posted on the GCN page earlier.

GCN Advertised Clubs in Store
With immediate effect would you all please remove any advertised GCN Clubs
you have in store until further notice. We will update you within the next 3
weeks on the situation moving forward.
There is no need to inform any of the GCN Clubs of this fact at present,
however, if you have any questions please call ******* or *******


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