A message from the GCN

After news broke yesterday of Games Workshops leaked internal document, the president of the GCN today has issued a public statement on the matter.

Despite being surprised by the move the top brass of GCN still seem to want to enter into open and honest discussions at the next planned meeting with GW.

Here is the statement in full.

A Statement from the GCN President

This morning, I was informed of a thread within a forum which
stated that Games Workshop was ordering the removal of GCN posters from all GW stores. Having checked the validity of this, it is fact that this had been promulgated in an internal GW store newsletter.

The GCN had already agreed to a meeting with GW management to discuss future relations, which included such areas as advertising and child protection policies. As far as I was aware any changes would rest on the decisions of that meeting (which in the case of the GCN would have required a vote of the general membership) and this statement has come as a complete surprise.

This is especially disappointing considering the tumultuous year the GCN has endured following the sudden death of the last president which has involved a complete restructuring and creation of a new website, due to come online by the Autumn. We have also expanded the number of companies and manufacturers we are involved with to whom we have a policy of favouring no one over any other.

The meeting on the 8th August has not been cancelled and we will, of course, inform you of any developments.

Seems to me that the GCN are firmly putting the proverbial ball in Games Workshops side of the court.

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