Eagle Eyed

The Eagle eyed visitors may notice that over the next few weeks a new tab has been added, this is for the Games Club Network, and will list all GCN clubs in the UK, so you can find a reputable club to go and enjoy the hobby or send your cherished children off to so you can have a few hours peace and quite each week.

Please bear in mind that the document I was sent with all the details on is a ten page PDF so I am not going to get it all done in the next few minutes, probably not even in the next few days as each entry is having to be hand typed, instead of the hoped for cut and paste.


Also in this age of cutting technology for some reason the PC I am having to use is slightly behind the times so using an old browser I am unable to do entirely simply things like add links for sites so again this will be addressed as soon as I can get access to a pc that was made after the invention of the wheel.


At the moment Norfolk Clubs are up but only accessible by using the drop down menu, not from the actual page.

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