Games, Games Everywhere

Well as the house is slowly being reorganised and redone, and my studio (shed) is still a way off I will be taking stock off everything that I have in the cupboard.

Not entirely sure what is in there but am sure there are a few bits I may have missed to be reviewed. I will also be having a sort out and concentrating more on a few select companies simply because of the time constraints involved, personally I would love to work with everyone build paint write play and write some more all day every day, unfortunately thats just not possible, I have bills to pay and hobby stuff to buy as well.

First not to get the chop is Mantic Games, Warlords and Hawk Wargames. These will be the focus for the next couple of weeks to try and get everything painted and ready, although looking at the Mantic pile there might be more than a few weeks work, especially as I have found a box off loose scenery bits.

Added to which I have started working with other companies as well, and there is just so much which will lead to another announcement in a few weeks or so, it will be a lucky experience for one or more people coming soon.

Get rolling those dice and have fun


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