Team Mostly Not There at the UK Nationals (again)

Well here we are again; preparing ourselves to take part in the Spoils UK nationals for the second year in a row. Last year Stephen and I felt a little like we were diving in at the deep end having only started playing a few months beforehand; in fact we were still learning the rules in the car on the way to Folkestone! We needn’t have worried though as everyone was in the same boat and we came home with two of the top four spots. This year our goals are quite different from just going to have a good time. I ‘m going to try and be crowned National Champion and Stephen is preparing to make top four again. I anticipate a much higher standard of play this time around though so those goals may elude us but the world loves a trier!

We’ve been organising ourselves for a few weeks now; our decks are built and we’re testing them against other builds we think might be problematic.  Stephen is playing flat out aggro with a lightning fast gearsmith/rogue deck whilst I have tempered my equally aggressive build with the mighty StutterMachine combo and some crafty ways to find it!  During testing the combo has proven problematic for Stephen to say the least but so have the Martial Artists that play havoc with my defences! So far we have strategies planned against most of the decks we think we may encounter but the great thing about this game is that there are so many unknowns! So that’s the first three rounds planned for and the top 8 if we make it but what of rounds four through six? Here we have something of an issue; having never drafted the set before there’s a huge element of uncertainty on what the best approach is. My thinking after looking at the cards is that the set is slightly on the slow side which gives you time for crazy shenanigans or playing ridiculous bombs but I think that both our plans for the event rely heavily on the constructed ends. Therefore we’ve decided to play it safe with the draft section and rely upon fundamentals. BRET is my little reminder text for fundamentals of limited play in the Spoils. B is for bombs; anything that is so huge that it demands an answer of forces either a massive multiple block or lots of chump blockers (either way generates card advantage and we like that.). R is for removal; cards that solely pick a character and blow him up. These should be saved for problematic characters instead of used early since you won’t have many of these cards. E is for evasion; reach is important in limited games, it’s easy for the board to become gummed up so covert or direct damage is vital. Finally T is for threshold; it’s pointless to draft all of the best cards you see without worrying about whether or not you can play them! I generally try to draft low threshold cards to begin with and avoid four plus cards until I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be running a lot of that trade. Though that Goutflame Talonclaw amay give me cause to rethink that! So that’s the story of how we’ve prepared for this Saturday’s event, stay tuned for a review of the day itself and those all-important deck lists and results! martial arts master

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