Team Mostly Not There at the UK Nationals (the conclusion)

I left you last week having spent two or three weeks preparing ourselves for a full day of the Spoils action. As usual we were not a complete team because this time Colin was unable to make the journey (some spurious excuse about real life) but Stephen and I felt confident. We were both playing heavily gearsmith decks. Mine is below;

Faction: The Tournament Faction

Resources (15)

2 Elitism (starting)

7 Elitism

2 Elitist Upgrade

4 Obsession

Characters (37)

4 Stuttershy

4 Node in a Box

4 633fy 31f

4 700160x 31f

4 Micromajig Master

4 Contriving Engineer

4 Clockman Junk Picker

4 Senior Research Assistant

2 Guardforce Alpha Prime H4x0r

2 A Series of Tubes

1 Guardforce Morphmajig

Tactics (13)

4 Invent

4 1337!

4 Industrious Usage

1 Forget

Items (10)

4 Pwny Bomb

2 Rocket Lawnchair

3 Contiguous Defalcating Machine

1 Dethmürderblüdgeon, the Craghammer

The deck itself plays to the strengths of gearsmith with a highly aggressive starting stance. Toolbox Elf and Beefy Elf are both awesome turn one plays, putting the opponent on the back foot straight away, whilst a total of sixteen characters are primarily in for accelerated growth. This lets you quickly out-resource your opponent, particularly if they are struggling to deal with one of the must answer threats you can play as early as turn two!

Removal is found in the form of Pwny Bomb and Rocket Lawnchair both very good items that allow you to explode your puny micromajig or other expendable dude for huge gains. These are best used in combat to force through damage or destroy attacking or blocking parties with a strategic strike.

Then if the game looks set to stall out a well-timed and properly executed Stutter-Machine Combo is normally crushing particularly true if your opponent has attached their resources and you can get away with using the Morphmajig as well as making a ridiculous amount of micromajigs!  I generally stop at a nice round 1000!

Anyway on with the event.   Rounds one to three used our constructed decks and Stephen and I were drawn against each other in round one! Good job we’d practiced how to beat each other. For some reason I’m not sure about and Stephen has struggled to elaborate upon he went a bit to pieces and I won in a very fast time. I guess it was better to get his one bad result out of the way early though. My next round was equally successful with Andrew unable to keep up with the pressure (though he was a pleasure to play against) and then in one of the best rounds of the day myself and Vince Smith locked horns in a technically proficient and somewhat exhausting duel that ended in a third win for me.

Stephen had by now picked up two wins and we were both well on our way to making the cut to top four. Ironically and without prior discussion Stephen and I both drafted Banker/Rogue decks that carried us through to the top four after three more rounds. I had qualified from the six rounds of swiss with only one loss (grats Stan!) and Stephen had only lost to myself and Vince who was in second place. Stan winning against me had unfortunately shunted Stephen into fourth place which meant we had to play again!

That semi-final was probably my favourite game of the day though; I initially struggled to put up with his powerhouse start with Blade of Everlasting Light and a pair of fairly early Rapines robbing me of my board stabilising Beefy Elf and Gaurdforce Alpha. Eventually I was forced to attempt the combo which failed once but bought me enough time to pull it off again with a proper defence. This time I got away with it; ending the game with only six influence but over 900 Micromajigs!!

In the final I faced Vince once more and his rogue speed ‘n’ steal deck that had given me such problems earlier in the day. I steeled myself for another epic battle but it wasn’t to be. The fantastic start he had in the swiss rounds was not to be found in the final and whilst he rallied somewhat with a pair of Loyal Companions and some Cicibeos I decided to just keep turning guys sideways until eventually the pressure told. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t clever but it got the job done.

Team Mostly Not There made it again clinching the National Championship and third place proving that “eating breakfast, getting fresh air between rounds and playing resources every turn” – Grobi 2014 is sound advice and that “just turning dudes sideways” – Me 2015 isn’t such a bad plan! Check back next week for more news and a challenge for you!

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