Dystopian Wars Back to Basics Part Two (first fight).

So last night’s 1500pt game was the most fun I can remember playing a table top game. I used the aforementioned list and my opponent Dave presented me with a huge mercenary list of the Black Wolf. Dave brought:

2x Death Bringers

1x Kaiju (one careful owner)

1x Osprey Large class War rotor

2x Nemisissis’, Nemisi, Nemisa. Nemesis Plural.

2x Manticore

4x Fury

4x Fury

3 units of 4 Protector frigates with sharpshooters

Now the eagle eyed reader will notice that my opponent is a bit over the limit (265 pts in fact) that was due to some confusion with the Army Builder app. Even with this oversight he had a lot of ships that were really hard to hurt.

I would plan to pull this apart by spreading piercing and crit results to cripple and weaken him. Death by a thousand cuts would be my motto.

I brought the list I discussed in part one, with help from a few extras such as a unit of Agincourts and some Merlin’s for killing flyers. I also doubled up on the Ruler love.

kob force


We both took objectives as 70% of our opponents sunk or captured. I was happy with this because many of the Black wolf units have strategic value added to them (the Kaiju alone was worth 600pts if boarded due to One Careful owner!).

Deployment saw me less spread out than I would have liked because Dave had his Protectors in flanking reserve. Those guys really hurt and ideally I kept out of their potential RB1 range.

I advanced my Vanguards which turned out to be the best idea in the world ever!

Turn One

My first activation had me throw my Vanguards forward and Torpedo one of the Deathbringers. I got a Crit result which reduced it to half move.

he rest of the turn saw me make a nifty alpha strike putting crits or points of damage on all his medium-larges with the exception of the Kaiji, which was lurking in the back of his forces. This tactic was me hoping that the large number of Piercing weapons and Daves damage sensitive gunnery would make him slightly less dangerous next turn. Dave sunk lots of needless firepower into my Vanguards.

Dave sunk a Vanguard, offed a Merlin and did some damage to Agincourts.

kob 2

Agincourt’s and Vanguards get stuck in.

Turn Two

Agincourt/Dominion unit float forward and cause cits and damage on both Deathbringers and a Manticore. I laugh my ass off.

Dave moves his commodore/Deathbringer up and it does absolutely nothing to my Ruler (my sheild rolls were obscene!). It fails to go back under and I retort by stripping it down to 2 crew with my Vanguards. Dave shoots down some Merlins and damages my lsft flank Dominion. I move my Commodore/Ruler and it opens up at one of his Nemisi doing nothing.

The rest of the turn was me blasting holes in his ships and boarding his Commodore. At this point I had rolled like a god and was in a position to win next turn. Dave damaged many of my ships but not enough to take them out of the game.

I was winning, by a mile and was very close to 70%

Turn Three (where it all went wrong)

The Kaiju activated…

It removed the shields of no less than four of my ships with its disruption gen. It then rammed my damaged Dominion killing it.

It’s ack ack nailed a Merlin.

Kaiju then opened up with its rockets and guns. It obliterated two Agincourts, critted a ruler and boarded the last Agincourt.


The unholy havoc wreaked by the Kaiju

My fleet then fired rubber bullets and received the Protector Frigates (which I forgot have +2” to move if they don’t turn) to the face of my Commodore which was in turn removed from waves of no less than 4 units of smalls.

The other Ruler was finished off, but after it boarded the remaining Manticore (so made its points back). Dave Still had one Nemesis, a kaiju and all his smalls left. I had three Tribals and a Vanguard!

Game to Dave


All in all we had a blast. The game was close and had some great moments. I loved how differently I had to approach problems and how dangerous some of the Britannian units have become in the newer addition.

I will continue my odyssey into all things Naval and British with trying the newer units that were released after the 2.0 rules. Tally Ho!


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