A Few Games, A few Thoughts, Guild Ball

I have played a few games of Guild Ball now and I am struck by a few things.

First thing is that even though once you get going the simple mechanics are the game are relatively easy if you need to find something then some times the rule book can be a bit tricky to navigate, that’s not to say the rule book is badly written, its just there is so much fluff a few off us are starting to think about doing a cheat sheet of pure rules.

Although a ‘sports’ game at heart for some reason everything quickly degenerates into a massive scrap, admittedly it is much easier to score if the opposition has less players on the pitch than you do and, unless you are playing using season cards, if you take a player out they are out for a turn or two giving you a massive advantage.

The models are absolutely fantastic, some are a bit fiddly when constructing but other than that they do look good even with my painting (lack off) skills, which helps to justify the comparable high price off the teams.

 A game can last a while but with three standard settings this can be adjusted consdiderably from a demo sized game right up to the full blown 12vp game.

You can use scenery in your games as well, and the best part is almost anything can be used, buildings, marshes, rivers and obelisks are all fair game, I am sure that most other things can be used as well to help provide a tactical edge or a more interesting game, I am half tempted to do a wharf style board, where the players have to stay on the piers and jetties or face insane penalties.

So on the whole I am really enjoying the game its different enough to stand out, its versatile enough that you dont have to go out and buy insane amounts of themed scenery to play, especially if your already a fantasy gamer. The basics are easy enough to grasp and get playing easily whilst the addition of ‘plays’ and momentum can take a while to get used to and fully master.

Stay tuned as I go through the selection process of my chosen team ‘The Union’.


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