Pendraken Miniatures

This Month ahas seen a slew of new miniatures released from Pendraken Miniatures for their 10mm  Warband game.

While not having actually played a game yet I have read through the rules and they look solid and the ability to have mass battles on such a small scale that wont break the bank is definitely an appealing prospect that is on the to-do list once a few things have been sorted.

But to the releases this month, the Taurians, High Elves and also The Undead have all had there ranges released or expanded. Each force has several options and all also have a rather ingeniously named Warband Army Pack.

We will take a look at the Undead pack to see what it contains.For £27 you will get the following 3 packs of Warriors 1 pack of shooters 1 pack of warriors 1 command Pack 1 necromancers pack and a catapult with crew. So pretty much a core selection of troops.

What I like about these packs is it allows a quick and easy access into the game or even for the player who wants to try something different, a few people I know picked similar packs up from Salute this year and only needed to add a few things or make some ‘personal’ changes and they had a good core force to start gaming with.

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