The Great Devourer Arrives!

The time has come for the unleashing of the great devourer !  No I’m not talking about my son (he still refuses to enter the real world – smart lad) but the Tyranids for Warhammer 40’000 Conquest!  Yes that’s right folks a mere two months of waiting have flown past and now I have in my grubby little mitts on the first deluxe expansion for the game!  Watch the unboxing here!

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Guild Ball Norfolks First Tournament – Part One

My local FLGS Athena Games will on th 17th October at their Norwich store, the event is sanctioned and should be running using the Tie Breaker system that saw action earlier in the year at various Tournaments. So now I have  a few to finish painting my team, possibly even buy the last to players I need for a complete team, build a goal worthy of my team, which after the tournament will be stripped and then repainted as I am noy happy with how they look at the moment. So all in I have a goal I have a day of hopefully awesome fights, possibly even a bit off football, and hopefully will do it all with a (slightly badly) team of my choosing.


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Gates of Antares Special Launch Edition Model


Kai Lek’s squad was just one of these that found itself searching the ruins when they were ambushed by a force of Vorl. Even the IMTel had failed to detect the presence of the Vorl, and the Concord force was rapidly overcome. Kai Lek led his squad out from the ruins into the open from where they were transported back to their ship.

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Toooo Infinity!!!

To INFINITY!!!!!!!!!

images infinity

So Infinity. You probably heard of the anime inspired game from Spanish developers Corvus Belli. They had a release of 3rd edition (N3) last year and there was a big buzz about the two player boz set; Operation Icestorm.

Infinity is a game system which adapts to how you want to fight, rather than one that dictates how you fight. Infinity plays like an RPG at heart.

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Beyond the Gates of Antares Countdown

The countdown has begun…
All beings connected via IMTel will be granted first access to the Launch Edition starter boxed game.

Box contents…

Full colour 260-page hardback rulebook.

Quick reference sheet.

Getting started booklet.

3 multi-pose plastic Ghar Battle Squad walkers.

3 multi pose plastic Ghar Assault Squad walkers.

20 multi-pose plastic Concord Strike Troopers.

4 plastic Concord support drones.

8 plastic spotter drones.

Strike Leader Kai Lek Atastrin metal figure.

12 order dice.Ghar distort dice.

13 Polyhedral dice.

Plastic templates and tokens.

12 plastic pin markers (they won’t be grey!).

Angry Invisible Monsters!

Hi everybody! Since the wife is due to give birth to another future gamer this week I’m writing this before I’ve received my Great Devourer boxed set which FFG claim is due to be here this week!  So next week I will do an unboxing and review of the first deluxe expansion for Warhammer 40’000 Conquest but this week I’m going to provide you with a deck based on a suggestion by Darren Swancott; Titilated Mooncalf.

Before I launch into the list I think we should explore this little character a bit more.  So he’s cheap and cheerful and his stats are not worth noting but his rules text is where he starts to get interesting.  This triggers when you play a card or resource that provides at least one obsession and it’s important to note that there’s not anything that your opponent can do about it most of the time since you play a resource as a trigger from your faction card which in turn triggers this.  In the Spoils you can only respond to cards being played and abilities being used and this is neither so basically once per turn you get to make a character covert.  Something to bear in mind with covert is that a covert character cannot block a non-covert party so sometimes it might be worth picking an opponents blocker…

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Icasrus a galaxy to Save, or Burn

The Icarus Project is a science fiction skirmish wargame, set over 700 years in the future.

Players take control of small groups of elite soldiers, called Strike Forces, as they try and accomplish a variety of objectives; such as assassinations, bomb disposals, or prisoner captures.

With a simple to learn core set of rules, you’ll be up and playing in no time at all. While the advanced rules, special rules, and characters will give you tactical depth and a system that is easy to learn, but hard to master.

The rules can be downloaded for free from the Kickstarter webpage

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Marching the Warpath

Mantic has launched there next Kickstarter which is Warpath, basically the Deadzone Universe in mass battle size. Fully funded withing 5 minutes the only thing to guess know is just how far this will go.

Forge Lord Ingulf Krestürsson and Padd fully funded!

This heroic miniature will now be included free in the Operation: Heracles two player set and the Forge Father Battlegroup.

What’s next? Let’s get another vehicle shall we?

NEW! $175,000 Forge Father Sturnhammer Battle Tank/Drakkar APC

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