Too Little Time, Too Much CCG…

Hello again loyal (or accidental) reader.  Now that the Spoils nationals have been and gone I’m caught in two minds.  On the one hand I love playing the Spoils but on the other I’d really like to get my teeth into some more of the living card game stuff…

So what I’m going to do is highlight my favourite things about the two games I’m playing the most and then give a quick heads up about a couple of things that are coming really soon that I’m very excited to get my grubby little cardboard addicted fingers on!

I’m going to start with Fantasy Flights Warhammer 40’000 Conquest; set in the grim darkness of Games Workshops 40K universe this living card game captures the ethos of that epic backstory pretty much perfectly.  It has art work and production values to die for (what else would you expect from FFG) and it’s much more affordable than collecting the miniatures!  But the best bit of the game is that the mechanics force you to take the cards and resources you need to mass your armies from the outset.  Gone are the stall-outs of other games, gone are the boring creatureless decks that rely on board control – this is WAR!!!!

Split into three distinct phases – deployment; where you and your opponent alternate placing units into play at one of the planets you must conquer in order to secure victory.  Command; where your fearless warlord and his armies gather resources and cards.  Battle; where the armies you both control bash each others brains in and claim the planets to win the campaign!  The game requires a lot of pre-planning particularly around the deployment and command phases but you still must play carefully or find yourself on the end of a sudden alpha strike against your warlord whose death will give your opponent victory.  With well known characters such as Cato Sicarius and army units that even casual followers of the fluff will know about it’s well worth a look!

Now on to the Spoils!  If you haven’t heard of it or played it then you should, not only is it one of the more technically proficient CCGs available but it also has a sense of humour (it’s genuinely pretty funny!).  It’s a dream for those of us who enjoy trying to come up with absurd combos but it doesn’t disappoint with giant effects and characters or by letting you crush your enemies in double fast time.  Once you’ve drafted the Spoils you’ll be hooked, more than once I’ve drafted a card based solely on the art work or flavour text!  This game is definitely my favourite at the moment and you should give it a whirl!

Now onto the new things!  Shortly to be released are two items from FFG.  ‘The Great Devourer‘ which is the first deluxe (boxed) expansion for 40K Conquest and as the name suggests the main protagonists are the Tyranids!  This is sure to shake up metas everywhere and also gives newer players a chance to buy in with a £20 (ish) set that allows you to build decks of gribbly things till your hearts content!  Next up is the rebooted Game Of Thrones LCG which I’m very excited about.  I had been considering getting into version one in the past but the buy in cost was putting me off but this second edition allows us to be in from the start of something that I’m sure will be one of the biggest new card games of 2015/2016!

Oh, I promised a challenge last week and here it is.  Every week from now on I want your suggestions for a card or combo that you’ve noticed in the Spoils CCG so that I can try and flesh them out into a full 75 card deck list which I will try out and let you know how it fairs!   So I’m looking for your weird and wonderful suggestions so that I can get deck-building, don’t worry if it seems unbuildable I enjoy a challenge!  Just post in the comments box with your ideas!

Until the next time avid (or possibly just bored at work) reader!


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