An Update from the GCN on the Games Workshop Situation

Following from the last post which can be found here, the Gaming Club Network has released an update on the situation.

Update on discussions between The Gaming Club Network (GCN) Council and Games Workshop and their representatives, regarding concerns from Games Workshop that Disclosure and Barring Service [DBS] reports should be obtained by GCN officers and officials from its member clubs.

To recap the situation, the senior management at Games Workshop have stated that for them to continue promoting GCN member clubs within their stores, all GCN member club committees must go through a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check or only accept members aged 18 and over. The GCN Council has been in discussion over this as well as reviewing relevant legislation and taking on board the concerns and comments of our membership. All of this combined with what we believe to be the removal of in store advertising leads the Council to recognise that requiring Club Committees to undergo the checks would be unworkable and potentially be illegal under current legislation

At this moment in time there will be no change in GCN policy and no Council member or Club Committee member will be required by the GCN to have a DBS check. Also the GCN will not be signing any contracts or agreements as requested by GW to this effect.

The GCN operates with a rigorous Child Protection Policy drawn up with all relevant legislation in mind and designed to provide the maximum protection for children and adults alike within our clubs. The GCN is committed to providing a safe environment for younger gamers and that is why we have a rigorous Child Protection Policy drawn up in line with current relevant legislation. The only updates or amendments that will be made to this policy are those demanded by changing legislation within our area of operations, not by any other outside interests.

The above is a statement put out by the Gaming Club Networks council last week, and another meeting is scheduled again soon.


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