Dreadball Extreme Player Manual

The Dreadball Xtreme player manual should be hitting retailers soon so with that in mind I thought I would take a quick look inside to see what awaits Dreadball Xtreme players.

Well to start off with its an expansion so you are going to need a copy of Dreadball Xtreme to use it, but once inside it will open up every team built for Dreadball to the world of Dreadball Xtreme, so those Season One Midguard Delvers they can now be added to the card and take part in the brutal exhibition that is DBX.

The other section of the Player Manual is to allow you to create your own bespoke and unique coaches, giving them the stats and traits that you want, which will in turn shape what players cost for you to hire in for games as each player will have three costs now and each trait given to a coach will or may change the value that a player will cost to hire.

Giants can now be added into DBX as well using the rules in the book as well, through out the book there is a new rules section which amalgamates all the special rules featured into one place so you wont have to hunt through several rule books to find a particular rule.


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