Frostgrave: The Rules

Fantasy war games in the frozen city of Felstad.

Long ago the great city of Felstad sat upon the center of a great magic empire, one cataclysmic night something went wrong, and as usual when things go wrong they go really wrong, a magic too powerful to contain was unleashed on the land and Felstad was engulfed by a blizzard.

Time has passed the fell storm has now passed and the city of Felstad or Frostgrave as it is now known is ripe for the plunder for the brave souls who dare to enter, though many never are seen off again.

So this week I have picked up the Frostgrave rule book to see what the fuss is, well to begin with you are essentially creating yourself as a Wizard this is the main charactor that will be the constant throughout your games, the rest of the warbands will mainly be chaff that comes and goes. A war band will consist usually a maximum of ten figures so a nice low model count for those just wanting to drop in and play, but others would be handy for monsters and other bits and pieces.

The rule book reads through very nicely but does read more as a book than a rule book but with the content list at the front of the book finding your way around it mid game shouldn’t be to much trouble especially with the main spells being listed at the back almost in a token/card style layout along with sheets you can photocopy for your war band of misfits.

Simplistic rules seem to be the by word as most rules are crammed into about seventeen pages so all pretty easily available (spells are in another section) so should enable a nice easy route into the game.

As a stand alone game there doesn’t seem a great deal to make the game last overly long but as a campaign it looks to set itself apart, with rules for continuing on and various other things like wounds etc.

Having heard some mediocre things about Frostgrave being overly simplistic I was half tempted just to give it a miss but the inner Sorcerer within me wants to though massive fireballs around and bring down shafts of lightning on people, so its now off to shop for a small war band to see how the campaign goes. Although one problem I have seen is that unlike other games there seems to be no method to balance the books if you are late to a campaign.

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