The War Drums Start to Beat Faster

This morning a small care package arrived with the shiny Mantic Tape wrapped round it which just reeks of promise.


It was of course only the first part of a rather large, order to which I confess I may have got carried slightly away with the thought of an Abyssal army as the art work just stole it for me.

Part of the living legend was the Hard back rule book which contains all the fluff and illustrations as well as a softcover gamer’s edition which is fluff less and slightly less awe inspiring but still contains all the rules and the core army lists.


By core armies I mean the ones that Mantic produce themselves, at the moment there are army lists in development which will cater for other model manufacturers armies that don’t ‘fit’ into one of the Mantic armies themes

The rule to which are covered in the Kings of War rule book are both clear and concise and for a change well written and should be easy to find in the midst of battle. Slightly different to other systems but not to dissimilar. Everything has its home which is clear and logical, if you’re trying to find the rules for magical amulet of something of someone, you just need to go to the items section of the rules.

I have seen on various posts that there are some rule referances, eg see page 15, that are incorrect but having just had a look for them I cant seem to find any of them.

All in this rule book is a very promising insight into where Mantic want Kings of War to go, for me it is one of the few mass battle games at 28mm scale that hold any interest for me anymore.

Roll on wave 2 when my Abyssal Forces will claim there first victim, the postman’s back!


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