I tried Kings of War and I liked it/hope my gaming group don’t mind it.

So this month has been a month of open mindedness I promised myself I would try some new things and challenge some prejudices. I used to have a low opinion of Kings of War and I don’t know why. I had never played Kings of war but had arrogantly considered it a simple gaming system below other games I played at the time.

Leon Chapman is one of Norfolk’s Pathfinders (and a bloody good driving instructor). Leon volunteered to give me an introduction game and chat a bit about Kings of war.


Leon lent my some Elves and he Fielded the Abyssal Dwarves.

The game is simple, but quite elegant. It has the feel of a large scale battle but can be played in a very short space of time. Units are one entity that fights until the end with moral being part of their saving throw. Movement isn’t massively complicated but with enough structure and interaction with terrain to be interesting. I found my shooting was good enough to ruin the odd unit of Leon’s.

Melee was brutal but larger units are more survivable due to having higher moral scores. Saying that you cannot win by using hordes alone as they struggle to damage tougher larger based units.


After the game myself and Leon had a good chat about the growing popularity of the game. The scale of the game is similar to another long standing Fantasy game. That game has been replaced with a skirmish type game whilst simultaneously Kings of War has had an overhaul and it’s 2.0 rules implemented.


Kings of war has always had a following and has a great tournament scene Its last rule set had some balance issues (shooting and cavalry being the most prominent) but these have been addressed in 2.0. I enjoyed my game and would recommend Kings of War. If you have played 1.0 and it didn’t seem the game for you, try Kings of War 2.0, some things change.

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4 thoughts on “I tried Kings of War and I liked it/hope my gaming group don’t mind it.”

    1. I could. To be honest I have only recently started to dip back into fantasy games. I have a Mordheim campaign going at Last Stand, my mate is running Pathfinder RPG and the editor is twisting my arm into FrostGrave. I have reconsidered fantasy era games after reading Michael Moorcock’s Elric Saga. If you have never read Elric it is the book Maleus Darkblade, Teclis and Tyrion are based on.

      At present I am looking into moving house soon so trying to keep my collection to a minimum.

      Saying that, I do like the look of those battle angels…


  1. I started playing it and LOVE it – after years of not playing that other game because it had stopped being a wargame and had become a list building/magic/hero game.

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