Micromajig Mayhem!

As I type this I am still awaiting the arrival of my FFG stuff, though it must be said I’m less eager about those releases than I was when I pre-ordered them!  Since they haven’t arrived and my tripod is still at Amazon I figured I get to writing up a Spoils decklist using a suggestion found on the Spoils Facebook page from John Pacheco who asked “for a micromajig spam list for a friend who wants to get into the game”.

I think that since John’s friend is new that this is a great deck idea, we can use mono-elitism as our base and not have to branch out too much from the theme to get the most out of our cards.  The deck is pretty straight forward and resilient too which is great; so without further ado I present Micromajig Making Mayhem!

Faction: The Tournament Faction

Resources (12)
2  Elitism (starting)
8  Elitism
2  Elitist Upgrade

Characters (30)
4  Stuttershy
4  Node in a Box
4  Micromajig Maker
4  Micromajig Master
4  Contriving Engineer
3  Crushjaw Oceanhide
3  Jo Ciendeilio, M07h3r 0f 1337
4  Micromajig Shipping Container

Tactics (22)
4  Micromajig Avalanche
4  Essence of Elitism
2  Hasty Pursuit
4  Surprising Nuisance
4  Industrious Usage
4  Surprising Dudes

Items (8)
4  Pwny Bomb
2  Runic Cannon
2  Jacque’s Trap

Locations (3)
1  Time Traveler Tourist Trap
2  Time Portal

Lets start by talking about the characters, Node in a Box and Stuttershy should be in virtually every Gearsmith deck and Contriving Engineer fits nicely here since he adds a nice little bit of bonus growth.  Micromajig making dudes form a core of the deck with masters, makers and shipping containers all providing more of the little plague of nuisances.  Jo provides not just growth but a way to force the Avalanche into a genuine threat whilst Oceanhide grants any new little dudes the ability to attack as soon as they arrive.

The Tactics almost all facilitate the game plan by making micromajigs or giving them aggro.  The item destruction is important in the face of a swathe of blade of light decks and the essence allows you to reuse one of the eight removal items which is neat.  The locations put even more of the little pains into play with the Tourist Trap able to turn twenty micromajigs into forty plus!

The deck plays fairly aggressively with a good end game but it lacks that cutting edge it would need to be truly competitive.  I’ve tried to keep the rare count to a minimum here to help with start up costs and think the deck is pretty cheap but with a bit of investment you could switch a few things to get a bit of extra bite out of it.  The most obvious thing that fits the bill is the addition of Toolbox Elf and the Everlasting Blade of Light in place of the Runic Cannons, Jaques Traps, Time Traveler Tourist Trap and Crushjaw Oceanhide.  The plethora of tiny expendable characters is perfect for that aggressive build giving you plenty of targets to equip the sword to each turn.

The other option is to play a more defensive strategy adding four copies of Neurosis and dropping the locations to include three Contiguous Defalcating Machines which should grant you a ridiculous amount of Micromajigs all at once.  You should probably try to squeeze in a few more tutor effects such as Invent to help you assemble the combo and the deck will become much harder pilot effectively but it is more competitive.

Well that’s my first attempt at building on your behalf so it’d be great to hear your feedback and any more combo suggestions are very welcome!  Hopefully by next time I’ll have a whole bunch of new stuff to look at and give a quick review of!  Until next week it’s ta-ra from me!



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